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New Driveway in Tonbridge | Everything You Need to Know

While most of our driveway installations are undertaken for the domestic sector in the Aylesford area, our services can be applied to small car parks, private roads and many similar commercial environments. A block paving installation, or a concrete driveway or tarmac driveway, can be laid at your own Aylesford property by our skilled contractors. Springvale Driveways Ltd can even handle dropped kerb applications on your behalf.


Choosing the right driveway can be a challenge because there are so many different things to consider before the right decision becomes apparent:


  • The budget available
  • The choice of material
  • The size of the area
  • What you wish to achieve
  • The amount of foot and vehicle traffic
  • Your personal taste and style


Most of our Aylesford customers will be looking for a long-term solution of some kind, most likely to overcome a lack of parking facilities on the roadside or to replace an existing driveway. A concrete driveway or a tarmac driveway will be more suitable for those driven by cost, while block paving is a better option for those with certain design aspirations.


Nearly all installations in Aylesford will need a dropped kerb for vehicle crossing rights.

Different Driveway Materials

Although the team at Springvale Driveways Ltd can work with any type of surfacing material, the most common three we encounter are block paving, concrete and tarmac. Whether you’re looking for the kind of premium finish paved blocks can provide, or a concrete driveway or tarmac driveway with a dropped kerb to drive down project costs, we ask all Aylesford customers to consider usage as major factor in making an informed decision.



The designs, colours and patterns achievable with block paving makes it a popular choice for domestic driveway applications. Permutations in design are limitless and block paving works best on a small driveway when the Aylesford homeowner insists on a more stylish solution. Added benefits include no major uplifting of the entire surface or the dropped kerb if an individual brick is damaged through continuous vehicle or foot traffic.


Instead, individual sections of block paving can be lifted and replaced. This type of driveway also makes it easier to undertake work on underground utility apparatus.



The classic concrete finish has been superseded by pattern imprinted concrete in recent times but, whichever surface you choose, a concrete driveway delivers a low-maintenance installation at exactly the right price. Property owners in Aylesford also have the added benefit of a gap-free surface with nowhere for weeds to grow through.


A pattern imprinted concrete driveway, with or without a dropped kerb, can be laid in a multitude of colours and stamped while fresh to create a range of textured effects.



Perfect for projects in the Aylesford area where a fast, cost-effective and durable finish is required, a tarmac driveway offers easy installation without a huge number of man hours. This type of driveway can be blended with other materials to create the finish one might expect from a high-end product without significant changes in price.


A tarmac driveway will be weather-resistant and won’t fade because of exposure to sunlight, but might need major uplifting if it is damaged or laid over utility pipework.

Driveway Installers

Choosing a driveway is one thing; choosing a company in Aylesford to perform the installation is something else altogether. Reputable contractors will not only provide the best possible advice on block paving driveway, concrete driveway and tarmac driveway installations. They will also liaise with the local authority for Aylesford on your behalf if approval is needed for a dropped kerb.


This feature sits directly between the driveway and the adjacent road.


We want all Aylesford customers to get the best possible value from a new driveway, not just in price, but also through a finished surface which combines perfectly with practical and aesthetic aspirations. Springvale Driveways Ltd have covered Kent and Medway since 1980 with tailored hard landscaping and construction services unrivalled in our region.

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