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Ideas for Your New Driveway in Chatham

Congratulations on making the choice to have a new driveway installed at your Chatham property. If you’re still looking for a local service provider, Springvale Driveways Ltd can get the ball rolling with an initial site survey, provided without charge, and the very best in independent advice. If you need help with planning approval or permission for a dropped kerb, we’re here to help with that too, so pick up the phone and call us today.

The material you choose for your Chatham home will be decided upon through personal preference, budget and the benefits you’d like to attain. There are three main surfaces for you to consider; a block paving driveway, a concrete driveway or a tarmac driveway.

Block Paving Driveway

At Springvale, we consider block paving to be the premium driveway choice. Block paving, as the name suggests, is a manufactured product purchased through suppliers in the form of individual blocks. Different sizes and shades are available to Chatham homeowners and an intricate choice of patterns can be achieved in classic and contemporary styles.


Our contractors use diamond cutting equipment to allow for the integration of a dropped kerb should one be required. The biggest benefit of block paving comes to the fore if individual stones need to be replaced, or if underground utility works are needed in the future. Lift the blocks to allow for access only, and replace them easily afterwards.


  • Huge choice of classic and contemporary designs
  • Circle and octant features create a dynamic style
  • Amazing selection of colours and finishes
  • Multiple project packs available to order
  • Available in permeable and non-permeable options
  • The perfect choice for high-end properties in Chatham

Concrete Driveway


Try not to think of a traditional concrete surface if your budget is more suited to a concrete driveway installation. Today’s most modern installations make use of pattern imprinted concrete and a system where the freshly-poured material is dyed and then textured to recreate the appearance of more expensive products such as bricks, stones and cobbles.


Chatham homeowners can still integrate a dropped kerb with a concrete driveway and the overall appearance can be enhanced with decorative edges and borders. The maintenance-free finish of pattern imprinted concrete can last in excess of 25 years, a similar lifespan to block paving, and the use of a concrete base prevents sinking and weed growth.


  • Realistic project cost for a superior driveway finish
  • Incredibly durable surface withstands vehicle and foot traffic
  • Create bespoke colours and textures to match your personal tastes
  • Easy to clean with a pressure washer on an occasional basis
  • Diamond cutting ensures accurate fitting within any profile
  • Perfect for Chatham homeowners on an intermediate budget

Tarmac Driveway


reproduce the same stunning finish as block paving or pattern imprinted concrete. What it does provide for property owners in the Chatham area is a low-cost, uniform and durable finish when the industry’s best stone mastic asphalt materials are used for installation.


A tarmac driveway won’t wear for quite as long as other equivalents but it will last for up to 20 years. In that time, you may need to have the surface occasionally repaired. This is highly affordable because tarmac can be resurfaced without the need for extensive groundwork. As with any other driveway, a dropped kerb can be including as part of your quotation.


  • An excellent choice for Chatham customers on a modest budget
  • Cools and cures quickly to leave a strong bonded surface
  • Dark colours disguise oil stains from parked motor vehicles
  • Coloured tarmac is available for stylising your property
  • Add welcome value to your home at a moderate price
  • Ease of installation reduces project times and labour costs

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