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Approval for a Dropped Kerb in Gillingham Driveway Projects

If you have plans for new block paving or concrete driveway for your Gillingham home, or maybe ideas for a low-cost tarmac driveway, you’ll need to consider a dropped kerb as a crossing point from the property onto the road. If you are a private homeowner, you will require permission for a dropped kerb from your local authority.


If you are having a driveway built on a rented property, you’ll need permission from your landlord or your housing association to take a vehicle onto the garden.


This page provides vital information on dropped kerb approvals and installations. Luckily, our Gillingham customers rarely have to worry about planning permission because Springvale Driveways Ltd liaise with their local authority on their behalf.

Avoid Liabilities with Dropped Kerb Approval

Any instances where you need to traverse from a block paving driveway, a concrete driveway or a tarmac driveway onto or off of a public highway will need permission for a dropped kerb. Failure to gain approval not only breaks the law, but it could see further enforcement from the local authority for Gillingham to prevent future installation.


Without approval, you may also:


  • Be liable for injuries caused to pedestrian in an accident
  • Be liable for damage caused to the footpath or highway
  • Be liable for damage caused to underground utility works


As you can probably imagine, a private application for a dropped kerb can be fraught with complications and, the more kerbs you need for your Gillingham property, the most costly your application becomes. Using a reputable driveway contractor, particularly one with approval from Kent County Council, alleviates the hassle of dealing with different local authority departments. It also reduces the cost of having a dropped kerb laid.


Any concrete driveway or tarmac driveway installation undertaken by a contractor should have provisions made for the inclusion of a dropped kerb. If you plan to have your driveway constructed from block paving, you’ll still need approval from Medway Council. Indeed, all driveway surfaces, irrespective of the material use, require approval for dropped kerbs.


Your chosen driveway contractor in Gillingham must conform to the following:


  • Accredited to SWQR or NRSWA standards
  • Covered by public liability insurance
  • Capable of obtaining consent through council departments
  • Able to work to Highway Authority vehicle crossing installation standards
  • Compliant with service and utility drawings for the location
  • Aware of any chapters and guidelines pertaining to the highway


There are many other considerations specified within dropped kerb regulations for the Gillingham area but these rarely present issues for our own customers because we’ve been liaising with Kent County Council and Medway Council on a regular basis for close to 40 years. This makes Springvale Driveways Ltd the premier choice for local block paving driveway, concrete driveway and tarmac driveway installation services.

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