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Choosing the Best Contractor for a Driveway in Maidstone

Our Rainham-based company already has an excellent reputation in the nearby Maidstone area. We’re proud to be the preferred driveway contractor for discerning homeowners throughout Kent and Medway. Successful block paving patio, concrete driveway and tarmac driveway installations, completed over 37 years, have helped to reinforce our status as a hardworking, reliable and professional company with the important personal touch.


Just as importantly, approval from Kent County Council makes it easier for us to manage possible problems encountered when planning a new driveway in Maidstone, such as vehicle crossing approval for a dropped kerb between the property and a public road.


If you own a property in the local area and want to find a reputable driveway and paving contractor you can genuinely trust, we advise you look for the following credentials:

Quality of Sub-Base

Some driveway contractors, irrespective of whether they are working with block paving, concrete or tarmac, still use porous materials to create the sub-base. As one of the first companies operating in the Maidstone area to use concrete sub-bases on every driveway built, we know the porous materials aren’t always the best option for the strongest finish.


Water filtration and the weight of modern installations, particularly block paving driveways, can cause porous material sub-bases to sink. Our installations in Maidstone, including those where a concrete driveway or a tarmac driveway is planned, always have a concrete sub-base. A concrete base is also better for weight spread with an integrated dropped kerb.

Quality of Driveway Material

If you are opting for block paving on a new driveway, your contractor should always be able to supply a top-branded product in a choice of stones, shades, sizes and finishes. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution for a block paving driveway or patio. Maidstone homeowners should insist on the use of premium quality materials on any installation.


On a concrete driveway, the customer should insist on modern pattern imprinted concrete because it allows for greater design flexibility. For a similar price to a more traditional concrete driveway, Maidstone property owners can have an imprinted driveway laid in a preferred choice of colour and a finished texture which will replicate other products.


Even a tarmac driveway should be built using industry-leading materials. The best option for this type of surfacing is stone mastic asphalt, a durable product with the potential to last for 20 years or more. While a tarmac driveway will nearly always be the cheapest option for our own Maidstone customers, it doesn’t mean there will be any compromise in quality.

Planning and Dropped Kerb Approval

While the majority of installations won’t require any type of planning permission, a newly-created surface where the driveway leads out onto a main road will require vehicle crossing approval and the integration of a dropped kerb. The dropped kerb must be strong enough to withstand the weight of vehicles so as not to damage underground utility pipework.


Some Maidstone properties will already have an existing driveway with a dropped kerb. In most cases, we can work inside the current specification to create a block paving driveway, concrete driveway or tarmac driveway around the current dropped kerb. Should approval be required, however, we can liaise with the local authority for Maidstone on your behalf.

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