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Planning a Block Paving, Tarmac or Concrete Driveway in Rainham

A perfectly-installed driveway will say much more about your Rainham property than any other type of hard landscaping feature. It doesn’t matter whether you have a concrete driveway, a tarmac driveway or a block paving driveway installed. Get the planning wrong and kerb appeal suffers, driveways won’t be practical and you risk damage to your vehicle.


Here, we discuss how our driveway contractors go about planning paving installations in Rainham, and how they allow for features such as a dropped kerb.


On the subject of dropped kerbs, planning approval is one of the first things we consider if vehicle crossing regulations are likely to come into play. A dropped kerb is installed to let Rainham homeowners traverse their vehicles from the driveway onto a public road. Care must be taken to ensure a dropped kerb can take the weight of crossing vehicles. If it doesn’t, damage could be caused to underlying utility pipework beneath the ground.


A dropped kerb can be integrated into a block paving driveway, a tarmac driveway or a concrete driveway. Because we cover Rainham as approved contractors with Kent County Council, we’re already familiar with the different departments which assess planning applications. The process is usually straightforward but Springvale Driveways Ltd have 37 years of experience in dealing with challenging and problematic applications.



Planning a concrete driveway or a tarmac driveway is very different to planning something like a block paving patio. Patios are usually built around available space to the rear of properties in Rainham but a driveway has to allow approximately 20ft of length for every vehicle that is likely to be parked on it once the installation is complete.


Walk-around room of approximately 5ft is also considered and calculated.



The new block paving, tarmac or concrete driveway at your Rainham home will be much more than just a car park. It will also need to accommodate foot traffic from those entering or leaving your property. Leave insufficient width on a new driveway and you could end up with a scratched vehicle, particularly when the kids are trying to get their bicycles out!


A minimum width of 12ft is recommended for a single driveway. Double and triple driveways have minimum recommended widths of 24ft and 30ft respectively.



In addition to considerations for a dropped kerb and the length and the width of a new driveway, turning space is also an important planning factor. Reversing into oncoming traffic directly from a concrete driveway or a tarmac driveway is potentially dangerous. When we survey Rainham properties, sufficient space is considered to allow for vehicle turning


Also, irrespective of whether you wish our contractors to use concrete, tarmac or block paving on your new driveway, allowances must be made for opening and closing garage doors. Springvale Driveways also compensate for additional features such as sliding gates.

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