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Benefits of a Concrete, Tarmac or Block Paving Driveway in Rochester

You may be considering a concrete driveway to reap the benefits associated with modern pattern imprinted surfaces. If you are on a tighter budget, you might prefer a tarmac driveway installation for your Rochester home. If you have a little more to spend, a block paving driveway will do wonders for your property’s kerb appeal and value.


Whichever driveway you choose, Springvale Driveways Ltd will deliver a full range of homeowner and user benefits. Need us to add a dropped kerb? This won’t be a problem and we’ll even deal with the application to the local authority for Rochester on your behalf.


This page looks at the universal benefits of a new surfacing installation, and all of these wonderful advantages will be gained irrespective of whether you’ve chosen our company for a concrete driveway, a tarmac driveway or a block paving driveway.



Let’s be honest here; most homeowners in Rochester will have a very limited range of hard landscaping skills to call upon. Building a new driveway is a major project which should only be performed by professionals. Everything you need from a driveway installer is available through Springvale. We deal with planning approval if it is required, and also consider vehicle crossing regulations by making applications for a dropped kerb if one is needed.


With our company, there nothing else to consider apart from the initial phone call and agreeing to our quotation. Site surveys and expert advice are provided without charge.



While a block paving driveway will provide more kerb appeal for your property than any other type of installation, exceptional finishes can still be achieved in other materials. A tarmac driveway, while conventional, provides a clean and uniform finish in a neutral colour that blends in well with most property exteriors in the Rochester area.


A pattern imprinted concrete driveway allows you to replicate the premium appearance of brickwork, cobbles, slates and stones, in a wide choice of colours, at an incredibly competitive price. The rubber mats we use on a concrete driveway installation create unique textures which show off the entrances to Rochester homes in a perfect light.



While the relative merits of a block paving driveway, a concrete driveway and a tarmac driveway could be discussed indefinitely, one thing is guaranteed with every new installation in the Rochester area; an increase in property value. Your driveway is a potential selling feature, just like the inside of your home, so it pays to have your own installation work carried out by local and regional professionals – just like ourselves!


Your initial investment into the driveway surface, the dropped kerb, the edging, the concrete base and the labour will be compensated for when the time comes to sell your Rochester home, often by up to 10% over the current market price for your street.



A tarmac driveway will be a practical investment for most homeowners but a concrete driveway will make a personal statement about your individual style and taste. Block paving will say even more about your personality, your lifestyle and the way you want to be perceived. Concrete and block paving driveways in Rochester can be personally tailored with eye-catching textures, vibrant colours and the most intricate of patterns.


Everything about your new driveway, from the decorative style to the practicality of the dropped kerb, will tell the world that you’re a ‘happening’ kind of property owner.

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