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Block Paving in Sevenoaks | Making Choices for Driveways

Springvale Driveways Ltd cover all Kent and Medway locations including Sevenoaks. Very few driveway installers, locally or regionally, can match our company for quality of service or experience. Even fewer have the scope to deal with a full range of modern surfaces. Block paving with a dropped kerb to meet vehicle crossing regulations is a popular choice with our clients, while some prefer the benefits of a concrete driveway or a tarmac driveway.


If you’ve been considering a new driveway for your Sevenoaks property but can’t decide between the many different materials we can supply and lay, this page is designed to help you. We take a closer look at the benefits of block paving and compare them to the advantages you’d receive from a driveway made from concrete or tarmac.


Let’s be abundantly clear here. A block paving driveway is going to be a high-end installation using a premium material so, understandably, costs are little higher. This type of project will require a slightly larger financial outlay from our Sevenoaks customers, but will produce a finished driveway which lasts for at least 25 years and often more. Homeowners also benefit from our close relationships with local councils when it comes to dropped kerb approval.


A concrete driveway will provide a superior finish too, especially because we use imprinted concrete on our installations, but the price will fit around most intermediate budgets. A tarmac driveway is a low-cost option for projects in Sevenoaks. While the surface won’t last as long as block paving, it should withstand sustained use for up to 20 years.


Very few patio and driveway surfaces can match block paving for aesthetic appeal. The quality of the stone, the option of different-sized blocks and the multitude of available shades allow for full design flexibility. This is further reflected in the choice of intricate patterns we can lay at your Sevenoaks property, and the fact that we can incorporate features such as decorative edging and a dropped kerb into your design.


Imprinted concrete, although lower in price on most installations, still provides great depth of design. A concrete driveway from Springvale can be dyed in your preferred colour and imprinted with textured mats to recreate the appearance of a premium product. A tarmac driveway provides a more basic uniform surface but one that is still aesthetically pleasing.

Repair and Replacement

Block paving stands apart from most other surfaces because it’s so easy to undertake repair and replacement work. If an individual stone becomes damaged, it can be lifted from your Sevenoaks home by itself without having to disrupt the dropped kerb or, indeed, the entire driveway. If you need to have work undertaken on underground utility apparatus or pipework, block paving can be lifted and laid again exactly where that work takes place.


This isn’t possible on completed projects in the Sevenoaks area where a concrete driveway or a tarmac driveway has been laid. A concrete driveway will need a complete sectional uplift and relaying it will be reasonably expensive. A tarmac driveway will need major uplifting work too, but it can be patch-repaired as long as the homeowner doesn’t mind a non-uniform appearance caused by differences in the freshly-laid and existing material.

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