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Dropped Kerb in Sittingbourne | Important Considerations

A new driveway installation will add kerb appeal and value to your Sittingbourne property but for everything to be legal when adding a lowered drop kerb, planning approval will be needed. Springvale Driveways Ltd can install a block paving driveway, concrete driveway or tarmac driveway with the added benefit of dealing with local authorities on your behalf.


The local authority for Sittingbourne is responsible for permitting the construction or alteration of all dropped kerb installations, irrespective of whether a driveway is being built on a domestic or a commercial property. Permission for a dropped kerb, once granted, will usually be valid for 12 months and only applies to land on a public footpath or highway.


Ahead of any block paving or concrete driveway installation, or the laying of a tarmac driveway, it is the responsibility of the property owner to gain dropped kerb approval. If you live in a rented property, approval is also required from the landlord. Springvale make such applications easier for Sittingbourne customers by drawing up the required paperwork.


Please be aware a driveway installation with a dropped kerb cannot begin until written approval has been granted and the contractor’s details, along with a specified start date, have been provided to the Licensing and Streetworks Team for the Sittingbourne area.

Main Considerations for a Dropped Kerb

Any type of driveway installation with a dropped kerb must meet a series of specified conditions and there are many to consider, the most significant of which are detailed below. Before considering a block paving surface, and ahead of contacting us about a concrete driveway or tarmac driveway installation, we politely request that you familiarise yourself with them. Our company can provide ongoing help and advice as required.


  1. A dropped kerb will not gain approval, nor will existing vehicle crossing points covering the entire width of your Sittingbourne property, unless local authority regulations demand a number of dropped kerbs to allow for that width.

  2. An application will not gain approval if a block paving driveway, concrete driveway or tarmac driveway fails to provide sufficient parking space. Specifications state that at least 5m is available for depth and 2m for width based on standard car sizes.

  3. Private tenants in the Sittingbourne area must provide the local authority with written consent from the property owner for a driveway and access to it with a vehicle. Alternatively, consent will be required from a housing association.

  4. A dropped kerb is not permitted within 15m of a road junction.

  5. If there are trees located within 5m of your Sittingbourne property and positioned on a public footpath or public highway, these must be included for consideration in plans for a block paving driveway, concrete driveway or tarmac driveway.

  6. In most cases, a local authority will only grant approval for one dropped kerb or crossing per property. Approval will not be granted for “In” and “Out” dropped kerbs or crossings. Front and rear property approval, however, may sometimes be granted.

  7. Any proposal for a dropped kerb that infringes on the driveway of a neighbour in Sittingbourne for new or extended access must be submitted with confirmation in writing from the owner that they are satisfied with the work being planned.

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