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A Driveway in Tonbridge for Every Possible Budget

The price of a new driveway will inevitably vary based on the material you want to have laid, the amount of man hours involved in the installation and the possible added cost of a dropped kerb. Block paving is a popular patio and driveway surface for high-end property owners in Tonbridge, while other prospective customers in the area with less to spend might come to us to discuss a concrete driveway or a tarmac driveway installation.


Based on each of these three materials, we advise the following:


  • Block paving is a premium finish and will incur higher costs, so a slightly higher budget is required. Even so, added benefits can be enjoyed further down the line

  • A concrete driveway in Tonbridge will require a budget of an intermediate size but it is still possible to have a first-class surface laid in a choice of dazzling effects

  • Those on a modest budget can still have their properties surfaced with a tarmac driveway, which is basic in appearance but surprisingly high on durability

Block Paving Driveway Installations

Very few modern surfacing materials match block paving for style. It is also easy to integrate a dropped kerb into a block paving driveway because our company uses innovative cutting machinery and gains approval for a dropped kerb from your local authority in Tonbridge. Individual blocks come in different sizes, purchased in packs, to provide the customer with a vast number of design options laid in a choice of simple or intricate patterns.


Block paving also comes in an assortment of shades. Even if you only purchase one shade, it will vary slightly from pack to pack. This means a new driveway for your Tonbridge property will still have subtle colour fluctuations that add to the aesthetic appeal even if you only want to work with a single tone. Our driveway contractors always work with multiple open packs of block paving to guarantee a consistent layout of colour, pattern and shade.

Concrete Driveway Installations

With or without a dropped kerb, concrete driveway installations combine the affordability associated with a moderate-sized budget with the design benefits one might usually expect from a premium product sold at a premium price. Tonbridge customers often opt for a concrete driveway because of price alone, but more and more are turning towards this type of surface because our company works with modern pattern imprinted materials.


A pattern imprinted concrete driveway sees freshly-poured material dyed in a choice of colours to make them unique from every other driveway in the street. While it is still workable, the concrete surface is ‘imprinted’ using textured rubber mats. This provide Tonbridge owners with a multitude of amazing effects. For a fair and competitive price, our driveway contractors can replicate stone, slate, cobbles or timber in a myriad of colours.

Tarmac Driveway Installations

It’s a little unfair to describe a tarmac driveway as a budget choice. In fact, it’s more accurate to describe a driveway of this kind as a desirable surface achieved at budget prices. Reputable contractors in the Tonbridge area will insist on the use of the best available tarmac products. Every tarmac driveway installation performed in Kent or Medway by our own team is laid using stone mastic asphalt which outlasts all other tarmacadam types.


Even on a modest budget, Springvale Driveways Ltd will still liaise with your local authority if you want to have a dropped kerb integrated into your new tarmac driveway. A dropped kerb is a feature installed between your driveway and the roadside at an equivalent level to both so that vehicles can access and egress safely. Dropped kerbs also provide a visual reference to pedestrians and make it clear vehicles could be crossing at any time.

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